What are People Saying about your Business?

No matter how great your products or services are, you need happy customers to keep them coming back for more. Don’t underestimate the power their word about your business has when it comes to generating new customers too. Finding out what people are saying about your business can help you to see what you are doing well and where you need to make changes.

Studies show people are more likely to share business information when they are unhappy with the overall experience. This is sad though because they tend to take a good experience for granted. When someone isn’t happy, they do more than decide not to buy from that business again. They often tell friends and family about who to avoid and why.

The power of social media can work for you or against you too when it comes to what people are saying about your business. It is a good idea to monitor that to find out what is being shared and where that information is coming from. If they are legitimate customers, you need to contact them and try to remedy the situation. If it is a competitor trying to sabotage you, take action against them.


Consumers are often very conscious about where they spend their money and who they shop with. They want their money to be spent on quality products or services they can count on. Read reviews from previous customers to see what they are sharing. What pros and cons do they share about your business? What themes do you pick up on that are working and where do you need to make changes.

Due to the vast number of people who shop online, reviews are commonly read to verify the credibility of a business. Even if your business is brick and mortar versus online, they are checking those reviews to see if you are worth getting their money or not. They don’t want to leave it up to chance. These people don’t know each other most of the time but they are gaining a wealth of information from one another.

Customer Service

A common complaint about any business though is the lack of effective customer service. Take a close look at what you offer and where you can make improvements. Do you make it easy to get in touch with a person on the phone or through an online chat system or email? Are your customer service agent’s friendly and well trained? They should be able to help ever single customer efficiently and successfully.

Address Common Concerns

As you explore multiple places to find out what customers thing about you, there are going to be some common concerns you pick up on. This means not one or two people are unhappy with a given concept, it is several of them. Perhaps they don’t like the long wait time for delivery or package are damaged when they arrive. Based on such information, you may need to change your packaging to protect items and find a better shipper to work with.

Forecast Future Wants and Needs

Listening to the feedback and comments from your customers can also help you to gather information for future products or services. What do they wish they had which is not offered? Where are they headed with trends and future buying? This information can help you to introduce products and services that keep them coming back for more!

How to Monitor and Collect Data

It is a good idea to outsource the need of collecting data and identifying what others are saying about your business. This unbiased 3rd party will have the resources and tools to get the job done efficiently. They will be objective and share with you what they find. It can be hard to hear at times when there are problems, but you can’t fix them until you know about them.

Business News | Find Your Target Audience

Your goal shouldn’t always be to market and sell products or services. Sure, that is the bottom line so you can be profitable and have longevity. However, your goal needs to be to appeal to consumers in your niche audience. They need to feel that you have what they need but they also need to be able to trust you. The more they know about your business and what it stands for, the easier it is for them to feel confident in you.

This can be the foundation for them to become loyal customers who buy from you again and again too. Getting your business news out there is easier than you might think. You have many outlets to do so! Try to branch out what you share and where you share it so you can reach more people. Not everyone goes to the same resources. Some like online and others still enjoy the newspaper.

Social Media

The easiest and most cost-effective way to get your business news out there is via social media. Not only can you share it fast, but other people can comment on it. The feedback they share can enlighten you about next steps and what you should do in the future for your business. There is always room to grow and to make your business more of a success.

Social media also gives them the chance to share what they read with others. People tend to read business news that their friends or family have tagged them in or shared on their own social media pages. It gives it far more weight than you just putting it out there on behalf of the business.

Press Releases

When you do something that is worthy of the news getting a story out of it, they will provide a press release. Maybe you are doing something within your business to help others in the community or you are eco-friendly. The spin that goes with it doesn’t matter as much as the fact that your business is getting positive exposure in the spotlight.

Community Involvement

Hopefully, your business takes part in ongoing community involvement. This can take on many forms as a way to give back. You may have a desire to sponsor a youth sports team or you may donate food regularly to the animal shelter. The more you do for your community, the more those people will be willing to give something back to you as well.

This can be harder to show if you are an online business, but it is still possible to show your involvement. You can select various causes that you will donate to. For example, you can state during cancer awareness month you will donate 1% of your sales to the cause. This shows them you care and it also helps to promote the assistance for a very good cause.


We all have a responsibility to be eco-friendly, but the responsibility seems to fall heavily on the shoulders of business owners. If you are taking part in actions that don’t work for the environment, it can cost you business. With some changes and getting the word out there about those changes, you can see a flood of new business. Many consumers share their desire to help the environment. One way they demand it from business owners is to only by from those that are involved with that cause whenever possible.

What is in it for Them?

When it comes to promoting your business through news, you have to do it from the point of view of the consumer. What is in it for them? Remember, this isn’t your time for a sales pitch or a fast talking concept. It isn’t the time to launch a new product or service either. Offer them something for free such as a customer appreciation gala with free food and entertainment. If you are an online business, have a contest or offer free shipping for a week to generate more sales.